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SatisfYing Tasting Palates for over 20 years

It all started with a dream several years ago. I love to cook and feed people. Being a wife and mother of two, I cooked for the Little league team, High School football team, Volleyball team, and well, you get the picture. There was always someone or some bodies at the house to eat. Cooking big quantities has always been a natural thing for me to do. If there were 4 for dinner, there would be enough for 10. Soon I would get phone calls from other parents. How do you cook for the whole team? Or how many potatoes do I cook for potato salad to feed 75 people? Next question, will you just make it for me? The answer was always YES, of course. It went from potato salad to weddings for friends, funerals, birthday parties, graduations, school fund raisers and so on.  At my father's memorial, my sister in law and I made the food. The funeral home asked who we had cater the food, and we would like to hire them for all of our funerals. We just smiled and said "WE did".  Cooking for friends and family went on for 20 plus years, then one morning I woke up and thought "Hey why don't I, me yes me start a catering business? The rest is history.  With the support from my wonderful family and friends, this is how Cobblestone Catering got started.
Thank you family and friends, my dream has come true.